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Fireglass for Fireplaces and Firepits – Common Questions

Is Fire Glass safe? lg-uf2b
Fire Glass is very safe. There are no sharp edges, it is not made with chemicals and it burns cleaner than gas logs. Homeowners with  small children will want to make sure that the children do not have access to the fireplace or the Fire Glass. Fireplace Screens or Fireplace Glass Doors are recommended in such cases.

Does the Fire Glass get consumed?
No, the Fire Glass is reusable and if used correctly, should last a lifetime. Please note: the glass itself does not burn! You ignite the fire pit by using a lighter and opening the gas valve. The gas emitting from the fire pit burner underneath the fire glass is what burns when using a gas fire pit.

Where can I use Fire Glass?
Fire glass is designed for use only in a gas fireplace or gas fire pits. It is not for intended for wood burning units.

How much does Fire Glass cost?
Fire glass is sold by the pound and the price is determined by  which color or colors you select. You can purchase Fire glass at Woodland Direct.

Does the Fireglass get hot?
Yes! The Fireglass does get hot - don't touch it! After the fire has been turned off, the top layer of Fire glass will cool while the bottom layers will continue to radiate heat.

What types of Fire glass are there?
There are many varieties of Fire glass allowing you to create a display that is uniquely yours. Lava Rock is generally used for   filler with a more vivid Fire glass on the top. It comes in small and large and is an inexpensive way to fill up the space in a firepit or fireplace. Filler Fire glass comes in a large variety of colors and is generally a bit more expensive than Lava Rock but will give you a more decorative appearance. It is usually used as a filler with a more vibrant color placed on top. Accent Fire glass is the most brilliant in color of all of the selections of Fire glass available. Generally, it is a bit more expensive so as long as you plan on leaving the glass as you originally design it, you’ll use it just for a top layer.

What kind of glass is used?
Fire glass is made from "tempered" glass, meaning that is heat treated for high strength. It is designed to withstand high temperatures without breaking, fading or significantly changing colors.

fireglass2How much Fire glass do I need for my fireplace?
We have provided a Fire Glass Fireplace Calculator to give you the recommended amount of Fire Glass in pounds. Best results are when a thickness of 4" of Fire Glass is used in the fireplace. This is typically enough to cover the gas pipe and results in a beautiful flame. Fireplaces that are level with the floor can have a fill level of 1/2" at the opening of the fireplace that slopes up to 4" at the rear of the fireplace.

Can I use my existing fireplace?
You can use your existing fireplace if it is setup for gas burning. If you have a wood burning fireplace you must first convert it to a gas fireplace and then add the Fire glass.
How do you install Fire glass?
Installation is very simple.
  1. Thoroughly clean your fireplace.
  2. If you are painting the inside of the fireplace, cover items surrounding
    your fireplace so no paint overspray gets on them.
  3. Make sure that the gas is working properly.
  4. Pour in the Fire glass slowly, pouring front to back.
  5. If you are using a Accent Fire glass as a topping, pour that on after the Filler using the same method.
  6. Removal of the glass can be done at a later time using a shop vac.
Is there anything I can do to improve the look of the inside of my fireplace?
Yes! A very simple and cost effective way to dramatically improve the inside of your fireplace is to purchase a heat resistant paint. Any color will work fine, however, black seems to be a favorite. Care should be taken during painting: items near the fireplace should be covered and protected from paint overspray.

Can Fire glass be used with Gas Fire Pits?
Absolutely! Fire glass works the same way in Fire Pits as it does in Fireplaces.
Are there other materials I can use for filler besides Fire glass?
We do not recommend other fillers for fireplaces. If you decide to again use your gas logs or move from the home, it will be very difficult to reuse the Fire glass once it has been mixed with other materials, such as sand. For large fire pits, you may want to substitute glass with Lava Rock or pea gravel as a filler. Filling a large fire pit can be expensive.

Does the fireplace flue need to be opened when I am burning the Fire glass?
Yes. Anytime your fireplace is in use, there must be ventilation.
Can you clean the Fire glass?
Yes. Use a shop-vac to remove the Fire glass from the fireplace and simply clean with water and replace.


Anonymous said...

when using fire glass in an outdoor fire pit, can it be left out in the rain or does it need to be removed from the pit each time?

Woodland Direct said...

We advise you to treat fireglass in a gas fire pit like other outdoor furniture - cover it when not in use. If it happens to get wet from rainfall, you will need to let it dry out before starting a new fire. If you try to light the gas fire pit while there is wet glass on the burners, it may cause the glass to pop, crack, break or shoot out of the pit. Thanks!

Daniel Diaz said...

Glass is made of chemicals. (source: periodic table) A better phrase would be "pure glass" or something to that, though pure glass is harder to create than fiberglass. How about "tempered glass"? It's a lot more honest for one. And instead of purporting to be "all natural" (which is a stigma attached to "not made with chemicals") it would bring more attention to the engineering of making the glass refract light and glow differently.

maren said...

how do you light it on fire?

Woodland Direct said...

@maren - Please note that the glass itself does not burn. You ignite the fire pit by using a lighter and opening the gas valve. You light the gas emitting from the gas fire pit burner underneath the fire glass. For your safety, you will want to have the lighter already lit before turning on the gas. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The first line on the page is confusing- "Fireglass is very safe. There are no sharp edges, it is not made with chemicals and it burns cleaner than gas."

If you must use a gas line in order to have something to burn, how is it possible for it to burn CLEANER than gas? Please explain...

Woodland Direct said...

@Anonymous - Thank you for bringing this to our attention... the phrase should be "burns cleaner than gas logs". I have corrected the error.

Anonymous said...

It should not say that the glass burns at all! I think this product is fine if companies would just honest with what it is, its tempered glass nothing less nothing more. But to suggest that it burns, is false. I just saw a Facebook post today claiming this was like the new fuel for heating homes because it " burns clean" They did not realize it was natural gas burning.

Nothing is burning but gas. While it may help as filler. It is NOT a fuel at all. So be real and remove the entire part that says it burns cleaner. Because it only radiates heat. This is nothing new. Native Americans did this with stones and volcanic glass.

Unknown said...

Why can't I use this in my woodburning fireplace?

Woodland Direct said...

@Anonymous - Thank you for your comment. We have updated this blog post to make it more clear that the glass itself does not burn. Thank you!

Woodland Direct said...

@Geraldine Jackson - You cannot use fireglass in your wood burning fireplace because fireglass is not a fuel source. It does not burn. It is simply another decor option aside from gas logs for gas burning fireplaces and fire pits. You need gas emitting from the fire pit burner (underneath the fireglass) to ignite and create a flame. You could convert your wood burning fireplace into a gas burning fireplace if you so desire. To do this, I encourage you to contact our Technical Sales Team by calling 1-800-919-1904 and they can help direct you to the products needed to do so. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Anonymous said...

Is the heat and other elements of the burn off good for cooking over?

Woodland Direct said...

@Anonymous - No, we do not recommend cooking over fireglass. Most burners for fireglass do not burn efficient enough to cook and it may soot up the food. Also, if something dripped off the food and onto to fireglass it would smoke and possibly discolor the glass. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can I use fireglass on an ethanol fireplace?

Woodland Direct said...

Fire glass is only intended for use with a Liquid propane gas or natural gas fireplace.

Anonymous said...

Im trying to make an outdoor firepit myself but want it wood burning..can u use the glass just a decoration in wood burning firepit??