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Outdoor Fireplace & Fire Pit Selection

Whether you are looking to create a sophisticated entertainment space or a relaxing, open-air sanctuary – there are hundreds of  outdoor fireplaces that mirage3 will contribute to the perfect atmosphere and be an attractive focal point. Anyone can easily choose the fire  pit or fireplace that looks the most appealing to them, but there are many varieties and one might be better for your needs than others. One of the first things you’re going to want to decide is the fuel type you want to use. We have a few other articles that clearly explain all of the differences, but for your reference you’ll have to choose between wood burning, natural gas or liquid propane, gel fuel, and electric. Of course, the intended use and placement of the fireplace will play an important role in your decision.

Fire pits come in almost every shape and size you can imagine, and if it’s not readily available it can most likely be made for you.  Many times fire pits are the best choice if you’re looking to use it for bonfires, camping, s’more making or roasting hot dogs. A vast majority of fire pits are portable but if you’re looking for something a bit more permanent they also come in larger, more ornate versions. Duel use firepits, firepit grills for example, are also great since you can effortlessly tote them to the camp ground or on a day trip to the beach.

Fire Pit Tables are excellent CropperCapture[22]for creating inviting outdoor entertainment spaces. Replace your old picnic table and add some comfortable chairs and you have a place to relax with friends and family all year. Many of the tables available can be used to cook and eat right in your own backyard or prepare the meal indoors and bring it to the table to enjoy a meal by fire light under the stars.

Any of our Outdoor Fireplace Units are ideal for creating a focal point around a beautiful outdoor centerpiece. These fireplaces are created from some of the most durable, attractive materials available. If a color is not available to match your décor, unfinished options are also available allowing the fireplace to be painted or covered with stones or bricks.

If you’re looking for something unique to complement your home a Do-It-Yourself Fire Pit (also known as unfinished or DIY) may be your best option. With a DIY Fire Pit you can choose your burn type and the look of your fire pit by creating exactly what you want yourself. By adding some bricks, stones, clay, or wood to the unfinished outer walls you can create a fire pit that perfectly coordinates with any outdoor space.

The convenient one piece design of a Chiminea makes it a great choice for a small porch or patio. Taking up very little space, these little wonders fit just about anywhere but are still just as useful as any outdoor fire pit. Many are designed with built in cooking functions making it unnecessary to leave the barbeque out all the time.

Whatever type of outdoor fireplace you decide on, it’s sure to be a focal point that family and friends gather around for years to come.