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Chicago Brick Oven - Brand Spotlight

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 Posted by Stefanie B.

CBO 500 Series Pizza Oven
Originating in 2006 to meet the customer demand of domestic pizza ovens, Chicago Brick Oven (CBO) set the standard of excellence in the pizza oven industry. They've used a combination of traditional design with first-rate technology and engineering to create a product that's intuitive to use and ideal for custom applications. Additionally, each unit is UL listed and NSF certified for commercial restaurant use.

All of CBO’s pizza ovens are manufactured in the United States, saving you the cost and risk associated with international shipping, as well as providing you with the highest quality product. But it's the design that really sets these outdoor pizza ovens apart - they're constructed with an in-chamber fire, low-dome design, and an invaluable flue system. Combined together, these components help to create the unique Flame Roll and heat vacuum that you'll find with every Chicago Brick Oven. These ovens heat up quickly, knocking the usual time down from two to three hours to a swift 30 minutes!
CBO 750 Series Pizza Oven

The Chicago Brick Oven 500 Series Pizza Oven is our most popular selling item in the CBO line. This four-piece oven comes with a decorative door, flue adapter, install kit, and cooking kit for preparing your wood-fired pizzas. It's constructed from a strong high-tech composite and left unfinished, so you can incorporate it into the design of your outdoor entertainment space. With its 29" x 23" cooking surface, you can prepare one 14" pizza at a time, making it ideal for leisurely family dinners or intimate spreads. 

Like the 500 series unfinished pizza oven, the Chicago Brick Oven 750 Series Pizza Oven is perfect for custom installations. This unit is also made from a durable high-tech composite and presented unfinished in order to easily blend in to your outdoor room. However, this pizza oven is designed for more commercial settings. Because its cooking surface spans 27.5" x 39", it can cook up to three pizzas at one time
CBO 500 Countertop Pizza Oven

If you're looking for more of a finished product, consider the Chicago Brick Oven 500 Countertop Pizza Oven. This unit is available in two different finish color options and comes ready for installation. Because of its small footprint, this pizza oven also works incredibly well as a permanent addition to a home patio. Like the 500 series unfinished pizza oven, this unit can cook one 14" pizza at a time. 

Don't hesitate to contact one of our NFI certified sales team members if you have any questions about these pizza ovens. You can reach someone directly at 800.919.1904

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